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Thanks For Checking In! Eric, 2/8/2011
As you may have noticed, we've been on hiatus since November of 2008. While we're not a household name yet, we have amassed a unique and varied body of work. We invite you to check it out in the Music section of this website. There you can listen to or download all of our shows and themed compilations, for free. We also have a few videos posted on YouTube of the band performing on TV in Portland, OR.

Corey and Eric have been writing and recording music in a laid-back duo setting called the Gone Hombres. The Hombres website features a growing list of recordings, including new arrangements of some Mood Docs classics. Enjoy the site...enjoy the tunes... and GO DOCULATE YOURSELF!
Free MP3s!!Corey, 1/28/2009
The Mood Docs have always recorded and released every show we've played (except a few). And now, those recordings can be downloaded for FREE, right here on mooddocs.com! Just go to the music section, click on the show you want, and click the download link. Enjoy!
Free Music
Open Music Player
Heat Of The Night
Keep Your Halls Well Lit
Immaculate Reverbervations
Syrian Rue
Big Water
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