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Music  :  3/9/2006 : Cafe Van Kleef
Cafe Van Kleef
Oakland, CA
Band Notes
This show is the Mood Docs first gig outside of Jack's Party Pad in Point Richmond. Cafe Van Kleef is a really warm and special room in downtown Oakland. It was a great experience to play there. The decor and atmosphere is unforgetable as well as its owner Peter Van Kleef. You can hear him ringing his famous bell occaisonally throughout the show.
The music flowed like the shots from Peter Van Kleef's own hand. A medley of bell ringing, chord strumming and tequilla tastes just as sweet the next morning... until you realize that you slept in the bathtub.
Hella props to Drummy Jayme A, who played a great show despite having a raging case of the flu!
ryanoconnnor - 4/13/2006
Hello. I really like your band
Wolverine - 4/11/2006
Kewl, very good, I like what I saw that evening.
keep it up guys, you guys are doing a wonderfull job. Im very exited to see you in April 22....
Jackaroo Deva Om - 4/11/2006
Wow, who knew Corey had such a voice!?!?
meredith339 - 3/28/2006
Fanfuckintabulous guys! Van Kleef really complemented your style and music; can't wait for the next show!
bethanylourie - 3/28/2006
This was a dreamy show! All things came together to create a warm and energetic mood--I was especially impressed by the vocals since the last time I saw the group it was primarily instrumental. The band had a great stage presence and, dare I say, "vibe", that radiated outward and kept the crowd engaged. I really want to see you all again at this venue. Looking forward to future shows.
terminus - 3/28/2006
Great show! Polished, playful and profound, music to contemplate life.
And the venue could not match the Doc's musical mood better!
Hope to see you there again soon.
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beach party3:32
immaculate reverberations5:27
Sanity Is Fiction5:01
The Abyss4:03
morning bells3:45
Live Set List
Set 1
heat of the night 
Cure For Pain 
Free to Run 
Set 2
beach party 
underground lounge 
Day Jah Vu 
immaculate reverberations 
Set 3
Sanity Is Fiction 
The Abyss 
the void 
morning bells 
kingston jam 
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