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Music  :  9/6/2008 : Slim's
Portland, OR
Band Notes
Our first gig at Slim's....and we had the evening all to ourselves. Each set had its own unique feel. Set 1 featured mostly up-tempo vocal tunes, while Set 2 was all instrumental and more on the spacey side. It featured particularly strong renditions of Syrian Rue and Immaculate Reverberations, as well as a rare version of Starfield. James also debuted a cool new loop after Road Hog. Due to pre-show technical difficulties we had to bypass recording this performance.
Live Set List
Set 1
Beach Party 
Jack's Dub 
A Cryin' Shame 
Railroad Tracks 
Mama Don't Hurt My Hound Dog 
Waylit Jim 
Free to Run 
Set 2
Syrian Rue 
The Void 
Road Hog 
Immaculate Reverberations 
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