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Music  :  Burning Man 2006 Collection
Burning Man 2006 Collection
Band Notes
This collection is a nice representation of the Bay-Area Mood Docs sound and was compiled for giving away at Burning Man 2006. It is comprised of live performances from various locations in the East Bay between 11/2005 - 7/2006 and features Jayme Arredondo on drums. At the time the collection was made, this lineup had been playing together for two years and had started to develop its own signature sound. "Apocalypse", "Reggae Passion" (later known as "Syrian Rue"), "Jack's Dub", "Immaculate Reverberations", and "The Void" all reflect this original aesthetic. The era also saw the introduction of our first vocal tunes. As such, "Midnight", "The Abyss", and "Sanity Is Fiction" brought new avenues to our existing instrumental repertoire. This audio snapshot works nicely in conjunction with the "Best of 2008 Live" compilation, assembled two years later, where you can hear Mood Docs sound continuing to evolve. Enjoy!
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The Abyss3:54
reggae passion3:55
jack's dub4:53
immaculate reverberations5:08
Sanity Is Fiction5:26
morning bells3:40
the void6:21
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