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Music  :  4/22/2006 : Jack's Place
Jack's Place
Point Richmond, CA
Band Notes
Another fine evening at the House That Jack Built, full of colorful sights, sounds, comrades and comestibles. This was the first time the Docs played without a set list, and the debut of vocals in Big Water.
This one also marked the first performace of Take Me Down To The Infirmary, a song originally written and recorded by the band Cracker. Ryan also can be heard on his brand new spanky Fender Jazz Bass on a few numbers throughout.
This was an evening of many firsts. Our fine host Mr. Jack Pryne and I met early in the day to begin preparation for the event thus making for the smoothest setup to date. The visuals worked fabulously as you can see from the pictures. And the beer? Nothing other than a full keg of Triple Rock Brewery's "Bug Juice." Big props to Mark and Alaina for making this their first Mood Docs show. Hopefully the first of many!
ohyeahhuh - 4/26/2006
I attended the party at the house that Jack Built on April 21, 2006. I was blown away at the great sound that came from those Doculating musicians. Can't wait for the next show at Van Kleef! I will tell all of my friends how amazing the Mood Docs are sounding these days!

Thanks to Jack for hosting such a bombastic party!


Joshua de Wolf
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underground lounge7:11
The Abyss5:39
Free to Run4:57
Big Water6:09
Sanity Is Fiction5:27
Live Set List
Set 1
underground lounge 
The Abyss 
immaculate reverberations 
Set 2
Free to Run 
Big Water 
jack's dub 
Last Call 
beach party 
Take Me Down To The Infirmary 
road hog 
Day Jah Vu 
Sanity Is Fiction 
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