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Music  :  7/27/2006 : Cafe Van Kleef
Cafe Van Kleef
Oakland, CA
Band Notes
This show marked the debut of the Mood Docs using an acoustic drum-kit. Nice it was to be back at Cafe Van Kleef...
benjam - 3/27/2007
I would just like to say, after months of keeping silent, that I really loved this show even though I wasn't even there. I was so not there that I was totally there. And I LOVED it and I LOVE you, and me.
Drummie - 11/30/2006
Mood Docs Live On Forever!!
The evening was definitely an exciting one from where I was sitting.Jaimmer had the subs thumpin' while adding a high dose of doculation, setting the mood for the rest of the night.Ryan "Big Water" Bassman had the place groovin to "Revolutions" as Eric took the crowd by storm with "The Weather".Then all of a sudden from out of the spotlight , came Corey "Mr. Sanity Is Fiction" himself armed with only a oddly fretted guitar and a incredible set of curls, this "Midnight" master proceeded to melt away the audiences faces into the abyss permently securing his place as a true guitar hero a in Rock N' Roll History.
The ride was nice fellas,y"all are destined for the stars!
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beach party4:34
Free to Run5:34
Big Water5:31
Day Jah Vu6:14
immaculate reverberations5:26
Live Set List
Set 1
beach party 
jack's dub 
Sanity Is Fiction 
The Weather 
The Addict 
Set 2
The Abyss 
Free to Run 
Big Water 
Day Jah Vu 
immaculate reverberations 
Take Me Down To The Infirmary 
Last Call 
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