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Music  :  Best Of 2008 Live
Best Of 2008 Live
Band Notes
This collection is a great place to start your Mood Docs listening. It is mostly song-based, and features live music from venues in Portland, OR between January - April 2008. This era found us experimenting with adding a few rock tunes to our repertoire. The first three tracks illustrate this rock influence and get the collection started in a lively fashion. In particular, "Moonshine" presents some first-rate story-telling. The three middle songs ("Uncle Pumpernickel" through "Grizzly") act as a creative bridge into more abstract and unconventional territory, while "Voodoo" takes off around the five-minute-mark into one of our most transcendent and hypnotic jams. A cover of the classic Gomez tune "Free To Run" concludes the collection in scorching fashion with a climactic jam that keeps building in intensity. Enjoy!
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Railroad Tracks5:01
A Cryin' Shame4:55
Uncle Pumpernickel5:59
Big Water5:28
Free to Run8:11
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