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Songs  :  Midnight
Music:  Jayme Arredondo, Josh Cushing, Ryan O'Connor, Corey Rickards, Eric Wallinger
Lyrics:  Corey Rickards
© 2007 Moonlit Music
Word on the street yeah it's goin' around
The big bad wolf's comin' back to town
He's got a new band, he's got a new sound
He's puttin' on a hell of a show

The songs he's singin' ain't nothin' new
It's the same old rhythm and the same damn blues
But with a new look and an attitude
And everybody's ready to go

Midnight, comes for us all

24/7 365
Countin' down the minutes to the end of time
Crossin' them fingers and hopin' to fly
Or maybe just to manage a crawl

Somebody said that the punch was jacked
Somebody whistled and somebody laughed
Not much later it all went black
But nobody noticed at all

Midnight, comes for us all

Sooner or later maybe later tonight
A slip of the lip and a wink of the eye
Comin' up with someone else's alibis
It’s never too early to start

Go and flip a coin which game to play
Heads it's sinners and tails it's saints
Big blank canvas and a bucket of paint
And no one here to look at the art

Midnight, comes for us all
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