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Songs  :  Waylit Jim
Waylit Jim
Music:  Josh Cushing, Ryan O'Connor, Corey Rickards, Eric Wallinger
Lyrics:  Ryan O'Connor, Corey Rickards
© 2008 Moonlit Music
What ever happened to Waylit Jim
Stepped out for a smoke, never saw him again
Always had a pipe and a sleepy grin
And I think he has my lighter

Some say Jim was headed East
Caught a red-eye flight goin' overseas
Out in Amsterdam walkin' the streets
Makes a stop in every coffee shop

Some say Jim was headed West
Northern California to join the rest
Raise a little crop with America's best
Growin' smoke with a doctor's note

Where oh where is Waylit Jim?

Some say Jim was headed South
Ran for the border when the money ran out
Drinks potion with the natives in heroic amounts
And makes babies with the ladies

Some say Jim was headed North
To get above the law and the police force
Sittin' up in Canada beats sittin' in court
It's cold but they leave him alone

Where oh where is Waylit Jim?
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